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Bollywood movies: Meet the Greatness of Hindi Culture

When mentioning the term “Bollywood” nowadays everybody associates it with the Indian Film Industry. Bollywood is a region in Bombay, India and it’s the place where many of the Indian box office hits are created. As a matter of fact, India is not known for producing quality films, but is also famous for releasing the biggest quantity of films each year.

Bollywood movies are nothing alike those made in Hollywood, they represent and promote very different things. On one hand, Indian movies represent local culture and specific dances mixed with various elements of the western culture and aspects of civilization. The product is a seducing storyline seasoned with unique cultural elements that cannot but entice and attract the audience into wanting to learn more about their culture and style.

What first strikes you at many Hindi movies are the amazing music and choreography, stressing on dance rituals, styles, and grace of the human body. Lately they started to use western musical genres like Salsa or Jazz as well, but constantly keeping in mind to firstly promote their original and unique culture without altering it. Their art is mixed with elements from other cultures, but this still gives the audience the chance to learn more about India’s culture and dance rituals.

The language used in movies is also a result of combining regional elements with western ways of expression and you can often see movies where the characters speak in more than one dialect and add, from time to time, a line in English. It is, without doubt, at least strange to combine two different languages in a single movie and some say this is merely a marketing strategy, but the important thing is that’s working. Using in their movies an international language like English gave Indian producers the opportunity of presenting their product to a much wider audience, giving them the chance to learn more about the Hindi culture and ways of living.

The latest Hindi movies depict a variety of current issues, from the political system to the social problems youngsters are confronted with. The films made in Bollywood range from comedy to horror or drama and there is something to please even the pickiest of watchers.

Therefore, if you have even the slightest interest in finding more about this interesting country who survived through harsh times and created a unique cultural environment, you have now the chance to satisfy your interest. Moreover, watching Hindi movies is also a great occasion of learning the Hindi language, having all that English to support your efforts.


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